Nourishing & Power up your everyday life

with the best natural ingredients, extracted by using cutting edge technology
supported by findings of empirical research
manufacturing process & product safety under strictest supervision

More and more people and starting younger too are suffering from stress related illnesses. Lack of exercise, poor eating habits, among others factors are threatening our health. Tycoon Asia Pacific Group believes having good health is fundamental to leading a good life and our mission is to contribute to enhancing health of all people. We are dedicated to sourcing quality and effective health supplement and skincare products from around the world, satisfy the everyday needs of busy city dwellers, helping to enhance their quality of life.

Guided by our emphasis on “Quality, High-efficacy and Safety”, Tycoon puts considerable resources into developing innovative products. We source only the best natural ingredients, which nutritional essence is extracted by using cutting edge technology and efficacy of the final products is supported by findings of empirical research. At the heart of our ethos is our determination to develop superb quality natural healthy products for our precious customers.

Every detail in the manufacturing process and product safety are under our strictest supervision. All our products are subjected to multiple rigorous inspections and have to meet international safety standards. Be it in quality, efficacy or safety, we are always in pursuit of the highest standard for our products. We promise to offer every customer quality and healthy products that best suit their needs, helping to safeguard their health, and in doing so establish “Tycoon” as a reputable brand.

Tycoon has over 2,300 distribution points in the city, including Mannings, Watsons, Sasa, Bonjour, Colourmix, CR Care, 7-eleven, PARKnSHOP and Beijing Tong Ren Tang etc. We are also the agent for a notable number of reputable proprietary Chinese medicine brands and internationally-renowned maternal and child products.

Official Sole distributor: (HK & Macau)
Nordic Naturals

Official appointed distributor: (HK & Macau)
California Baby
Earth Mama Angel Baby
Ebisu toothbrush collection