• Brauer Ultra Pure Cod Liver Oil with DHA

Brauer Ultra Pure Cod Liver Oil with DHA

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Each soft capsule in Brauer Ultra Pure Cod Liver Oil with DHA contains 875IU of vitamin A, a small fish-shaped soft capsule, and the tail is easy to unscrew. Brauer obtains the highest standard in the market- the purest Icelandic cod liver oil. Cod liver oil helps strengthen and resist bones, eyes. Suitable for children up to 1-year-old.

Taste: lemon flavour (sugar-free)

Main ingredients: vitamin A, vitamin D, DHA

No artificial colors, flavors, and sweetness

*Small fish shape soft capsule, the tail can be unscrewed


  • Enhance immunity
  • Maintain eye health
  • Maintain bone and tooth growth and health
  • Promote brain, vision, and nervous system development


DHA: An important element in the development of the brain that promotes the development of the brain, vision, nerves and immune system

Vitamin A: maintains eye health and promotes growth, development, bone and dental health
Vitamin D: Helps calcium absorption and maintains bone and tooth growth and health

Suitable For

  • 1 year old or older children


Once a day

  • 1-8 years old: 1 capsule each time
  • 9-13 years old: 2 capsules each time
  • 14 years old or older: 3 capsules each time


  • 90 soft capsules

Cautions/ Allergies

  • It is recommended that parents cut or twist the fishtail portion of the capsule, squeeze the liquid on the spoon, or add it to the food or drink (For children under the age of 4)
  • Just chew soft capsules without swallowing capsules
  • This product does contain dairy ingredients

100% Made in Australia 

  • Brauer Products has been manufactured in a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) the licensed facility, in accordance with Australia's strict quality standards, in order to provide the best products for your child.