• Ddrops Thinkmist DHA

Ddrops Thinkmist DHA


Ddrops Company are passionate about health supplement! Ddrops Company is 100% Canadian-owned and operated, and was founded in response to a need for a simply better way to provide health supplement. Ddrops’s research and development is geared toward developing and marketing safe, effective, convenient and high quality forms of vitamin D supplements under the Ddrops® brand.
Ddrops® Commitment to quality: From our family to yours, we have high standards for our products. Ddrops® products are manufactured in government licensed GMP facilities in Canada, and hold NSF product certification worldwide. Ddrops Company follows the good manufacturing standards common in the industry, and takes steps beyond these high standards to ensure that our product is consistent, safe and of the highest quality.

Ÿ   Children to support the healthy development of the brain and eyes
Ÿ   Purified DHA (docosahexanoic acid) omega-3

       Ÿ   DHA in Thinkmist is a whole-body fish oil naturally sourced from small wild-caught fish (sardines, anchovy and mackerel) 

       Ÿ   Sugar-free

       Ÿ   no artificial colors and flavors


Fish oil, mixed tocopherol, natural lemon flavor

Contains: fish (sardine, anchovy, mackerel), soy product


Take one spray onto a food or drink

spray directly into the mouth, on the inner cheek

spray is dispensed, store the bottle in the refrigerator 


10.6mL (80 sprays)

Suitable for

over 6 months old infant