• Brauer Liquid Calcium with Magnesium & Zinc

Brauer Liquid Calcium with Magnesium & Zinc

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Brauer Liquid Calcium with Magnesium & Zinc contains magnesium citrate and zinc glycinate, which is more easily absorbed than other magnesium and zinc. It also contains LIPOCALTM microencapsulated calcium, which is calcium with a higher bioavailability and a 41% higher absorption than tricalcium phosphate (TCP). Brauer Liquid Calcium with Magnesium & Zinc helps to enhance immunity, strengthens bones and teeth, and maintains heart, muscle and nerve health. Suitable for children up to 1-year-old.

No artificial colors, flavors, and sweetness

*Liquid formula, no need to dissolve: easy to absorb

Taste: Natural fruit cheese flavor (sugar-free)

Main ingredients: Calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D


  • Enhance immunity
  • Strengthen bones and teeth
  • Maintain heart, muscle and nerve health


Calcium: Maintaining the health of bones and teeth

Magnesium: Helps calcium absorption and utilization, and maintains normal function of heart, muscle and nerves together with calcium.

Zinc: Maintains another essential element of the teeth and bones and maintains the health of the immune system.
Vitamin C: Helps maintain a healthy immune system and is highly resistant. Helps collagen formation and is the main component of collagen in the bone matrix. Mineral storage helps the bone matrix strengthen the bone.
Vitamin D: Helps calcium absorption and maintains bone and teeth health.

Suitable For

  • Baby (for children over 1-year-old)
  • Calcium deficiency
  • Elderly 


  • 1-3 years old: 1-2 times a day, 7.5 ml each time
  • 4-8 years old: 1-2 times a day, 15 ml each time
  • 9-13 years old: 1-3 times a day, 15 ml each time


  • 200 ml

100% Made in Australia 

  • Brauer Products has been manufactured in a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) the licensed facility, in accordance with Australia's strict quality standards, in order to provide the best products for your child.