Wrist Pad

HK$309 HK$239

You save HK$70

Micro-current (0.06mA), far-infrared rays and anions released from the tourmaline stone help relieve pain and fatigue of muscle and joint.

Suitable for
Wrist fatigue, occupational strain, constantly improper postures using mobile phone or mouse


10-20cm (4”-8”)

How to use

  1. Use a wet towel, gently wipe the surface of the dotted side on the back of the product.
  2. Stick the dotted side to the area needed for remedy.
  3. For quicker effects, spray some clean water on the dotted part.
  4. After wearing for about 15-30 minutes, you will experience a warm and tingling sensation. The time for heat generation varies in different persons.
  5. You may remove the pad after a sense of heat is generated. The thermal effect will last for a while even after the pad removed. It can be used multiple times a day.


  1. Make sure the pad stick closely to the skin and kept moist to generate heat.
  2. Heat tolerance varies from person. Take it off if unbearable.